Which kind of online course should I take? What’s the difference?

Just a brief explanation re: the different kinds of online courses we’re offering in summer 2020…

  1. Our regular evening/weekend courses, now being run online via live video chats (i.e. synchronous learning)
  2. Our regular online courses, running as usual via an online classroom/forum where material can be accessed at any time of the week that suits (i.e. asynchronous learning)
  1. Synchronous learning: you have to be online at a particular time of the day for the live group chat. You get to see the faces and hear the voices of your fellow participants. You might find it easier to ask/answer questions or contribute to discussions in this setting – the participation of the whole group is important. (A minimum number of participants is required for each of these courses.) Having a definite time slot might help with motivation, particularly if you have a predictable schedule during the time period the course will take place within.
  2. Asynchronous learning: you can log in whenever suits during the week (we suggest at least twice). The course material is already set and there are specific assignments each week to submit to your tutor for feedback. You may or may not have fellow participants – it’s likely that you will, but the courses are not dependent on group interaction the way that a ‘real-time’ creative writing class has to be (it’s encouraged but not obligatory) and can run as one-to-one classes if needed.

Each option has pros and cons, so we’d suggest thinking about what’s most important to you (as well as the practical concerns, such as your schedule and your wi-fi connection). With both, you’re still looking at ‘a class per week’ – just delivered differently.

Although courses with similar names exist on both lists, it’s not possible to pick a course from one and ask for it to be delivered in another form; the material reflects the delivery method. (However, if you are part of an existing group of 8+ participants and would like to discuss a tailored course for that group, please do get in touch and we can see if it’s possible.)

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