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The summer is coming to a close, but have no fear, we’ve loads of brilliant courses to get you through Autumn! The Factory will be open again in September and we can’t wait for this term of creative writing. There are so many courses to help you on your writing path. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner jotting down ideas, but not sure how to pursue them, or a more a advanced writer putting the finishing touches to your work!

Our courses start back in a month’s time and we have so many awesome classes to get you writing. Our courses range from one-days to ten weeks so it’s as easy as possible to stick to those writing goals!

Our evening courses all start at 6.30pm:
– our drop-in Creative Writing courses start back on Monday 19th September
– our next 10-week Beginning To Write classes start Tuesday 20th September and Thursday 29th September
– our six-week Beginning to Write Fiction courses will run from Wednesday 21st September and Saturday 24th September
– or you might want to try our Intermediate Creative Writing, starting Wednesday 28th September
– if you’re past Intermediate, but need a boost, our Advanced Creative Writing course starts Thursday 22nd September
– anyone writing otherworldly tales might be interested in our Introduction to Speculative Fiction, from Tuesday 20th September
– and let’s not forget our Teaching Creative Writing, a practical, intensive course in how and why to teach creative writing in a variety of contexts, from Saturday 24th September

We also have a number of one-day Saturday workshops:
– The Mythic Imagination (Saturday 24th September) for anyone with an interest in poetry or Celtic myth or both!
– Introduction to Memoir (Saturday 24th September), for anyone who’d like to shape a personal experience for the page
– The Science of Magic – World-building In Speculative Fiction (Saturday 22nd October), for anyone working on world-building.
– Introduction to Historical Fiction (Saturday 22nd October) will show you how to delve into the past in order to create authentic settings and compelling characters
– Beginning To Write Poetry (Saturday 22nd October) for anyone interested in poetry, and will focus on finding inspiration and an introduction to poetic techniques.

Of course, we also have Dublin Young Authors, our creative writing programme for young, talented, and ambitious writers. Our programme for 14-17-year-olds will return on Saturday September 24th, 11am-1pm. Suitable for newcomers as well as those with some experience, including previous DYA attendance. Queries to about any of our young writers workshops.

Our complete course list, including one-day workshops for Spring 2016, is available here. Finally, if you’re looking for regular updates about submissions opportunities, make sure to keep an eye on our blog and our weekly updates.

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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