[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Our fiction critiques are tailored towards each individual writer and project. Please note that we also offer online courses – Developing Your Fiction Project and Revising and Editing – which may suit writers who are looking for general guidance as well as feedback on a particular project.

Comments are returned to writers via email and include in-line notes as well as a summary at the end. The focus is on story, structure, characterisation, plot, voice, and style. Recurring grammatical/punctuation issues will be noted but writers should note this is not a proofreading service. We provide critiques for both short and long fiction (including novels), but we would suggest that writers working on novels or longer pieces begin by getting an excerpt critiqued – often the same issues turn up over and over again in a piece of writing and this can be identified from the first few pages.

We have a number of fiction tutors at Big Smoke, including Paula McGrath, Eimear Ryan, and Claire Hennessy.



Email us with the word count of your story/novel and a brief description of where you’re at with it – e.g. first draft, have received feedback from others but not sure where to go next, trying to polish it for publication, etc.


First Chapters Package


This critique package is aimed at those working on book-length projects. You’ll send on the first 5000 words of your novel, plus a summary of the whole book (1-2 pages) and receive feedback on both. The book doesn’t need to be finished at this stage, though it may be – it’s a good opportunity for writers to get feedback both on their overall plot and concept as well as how the story is progressing in its opening chapters.

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