Big Smoke facilitators also offer a critique and feedback service. This is ideal for students who’ve taken courses with us (or elsewhere) and now want feedback on work they’ve completed, or for anyone who doesn’t have the time to take a workshop but is seeking advice about a particular project.

We’d suggest that anyone in the early stages of a project consider a class first of all – this will usually set you on the right path and provide general guidance on a form or genre.

[Updated links for fiction/poetry/children’s TBC]

If you’ve another project that you’d like critiqued that doesn’t quite fit into any of our existing categories (genre/form/length-wise), please contact us at with an indication as to what you’re looking for and the length of your project (word count for prose; page count for scripts; line count for poetry).

Payment must be made in advance for this service. Once we receive payment, we’ll be in touch and ask you to email your work to us for feedback.