One Day Workshops and Seminars
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Saturday March 28th 10am – 1pm €40

You’ve written your novel, your short story. But you know it needs work, needs a thorough going over before you’re happy to send it out to publishers or editors. But what to do? How do you go about revising your work? What do you look out for? It’s an oft quoted adage that a writer is usually too close to the trees to see the forest when reviewing their own creations. But there are approaches that can be taken by a writer in systematically revising their work. This is a half-day course that works through a range of issues that should be addressed in revising your work. The course covers broad-ranging factors, such as character and plot, and nitty-gritty issues, such as tautologies, passive voice, usage of ‘that’ and ‘which’, jumps in logic and other common mistakes. Participants are invited to submit the first 1,000 words of a short story or novel 1 week prior to the date of the course for critiquing on the day.

Class limited to eight participants.

Facilitator: John Kenny

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