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Four 4-6 Weeks €120

This online course is designed for writers who’ve started writing fiction and want some guidance with the next step. It is suitable for writers who’ve started work on short stories or a novel, and is designed to help them develop and improve on an existing project or projects. Each module includes exercises to be sent on to the instructor. This is a 4-module course, and participants are expected to complete the course in 4-6 weeks. Tutors: Claire Hennessy, Paula McGrath   Please note that this is an online course and is delivered via email. Writers just starting out may find Beginning To Write or Starting A Novel more appropriate. Those looking to concentrate specifically on revising and editing, particularly if they have a finished manuscript, would be best served by our Revising and Editing course.   Ongoing Students can sign up for and begin this course at any stage during the year.


1. Backstory 2. Dialogue 3. Voice and Style 4. Revising and Editing

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