Specialist Courses
Start Date Duration Time Slot Fee
Saturday April 11th 4 Weeks 11am – 1pm €100

A practical four-week workshop for writers – both beginners and those with some experience – who want to learn more about feature journalism.

Week 1: What makes a good story? Writing features for magazines, newspapers and websites. Identifying trends and fresh angles from news stories and what’s happening around you. Crafting the all-important hook, or ‘elevator pitch’ so that your feature has a clear focus. How to approach sources and the dos and don’ts of interview technique.

Week 2: Everyone’s a critic. The art of writing arts features and reviews. The questions to ask and how to construct a feature interview. How to write a balanced, professional review, as opposed to slating or gushing.

Week 3: Opinions, we’ve all got a few. Opinion and analysis. From personal memoir to analysis of what’s happening in the news, how to use your own experiences and expertise in a unique way.

Week 4: How to place your work within various media outlets and use a social media platform to your advantage, whether it’s Twitter or a blog.


Facilitator: Claire Coughlan

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